Open Jazz Classes


Classes operate each week of the school term and cease (for the most part) during the school holidays.

2021 Terms:




Term 1

7 Weeks

1st March – 16th Apr 2021

Term 2

10 Weeks

3rd May – 9th Jul 2021

Term 3

10 Weeks

26th Jul – 1st Oct 2021

Term 4

10 Weeks

18th Oct – 18th Dec 2021


Class Structure:

Classes are weekly, 1hour long lessons. They run with the school term with the exception of starting the 1st of March in Term one. 

At Fulton Performing Arts the teachers combined experience shows that the best way for performers to learn and grow at a quicker rate, both as performers and personally, is for all age groups to learn together. Therefor we will not be segregating classes based on age or ability. This means that you may be in a class that has some 8yr olds and some 15yr olds in it. Younger children have someone to look up to, and older participants learn to be the role model.

Class Teachers:

Classes will be taught by Cameron Fulton and/or Maddie Fuller. 

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